It's always EAT o'clock! Get ready to sink your teeth into Feeding Time, a casual puzzle game to satisfy your "tap"-petite for fun! Featuring:

  • Frantic puzzle gameplay lovingly wrapped in a papercraft art style.
  • Dozens of hungry animals, mighty power-ups, and colourful stages!
  • Unlockable bonus mini-games and exotic new locales.
  • Built especially for touchscreens, no virtual sticks here!
  • Friends-only leaderboard for endless fun and friendly competition.
  • No in-app purchases -- get the full game upon purchase!

You won't want to put it down... but of course, there’s always room for seconds in Feeding Time!


"Feeding Time is, in a word, adorable. Here it is in two words: Adorable and addictive."

- Nadia Oxford, Gamezebo

"An irresistible package... You’ll have a hard time putting this one down."

- Christine Chan, AppAdvice

"Feeding Time's simple yet deceptively deep gameplay is satisfying and addictive – basically everything that makes a puzzle game work."

- Patrick O'Rourke, Post Arcade